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Welcome to Sheela Foundation

Sheela Foundation an Indian social development organization, is directly benefitting over 2 lakh children and their families every year. We have more than 200 live welfare projects on education, Sports, healthcare, agriculture, farming, livelihood, welfare, and women’s empowerment in over 2,000 remote villages and urban slums across 2 states of India.

The groundwork for a better life lies in education. It is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. However, a child cannot be educated in isolation. Only an empowered family, especially the mother, would be willing to educate their child. Thus, rather than focusing on only one stage of a person's life, we believe in the lifecycle approach.

Education empowers an individual to earn their livelihood and also increases one's awareness on a range of issues. From healthcare, to appropriate social behaviour, to understanding one's rights – Sheela Foundation seeks to educate, empower and cultivate better citizens.

We are an organization that helps the differently able individuals realize their hopes, dreams, and ambitions and help those who need just a little extra support. So far, Sheela Foundation  its tireless team with the noble reverences have helped over 42530 individuals free of cost corrective surgeries and we don't intend to stop. Apart from corrective surgeries, we also provide free of cost education to children from tribal belts and vocational training programs in employable skills for differently-abled & needy adults. Our other initiatives involve free of cost mass weddings & Divyang Talent shows that focus upon the social rehabilitation of people in need.

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Our Mission & Vision

We have supported governmental programmes dealt with child labour, routine immunization, pulse polio programme, HIV/AIDS etc. The emphasis of our work is on awareness generation in terms of health education, rights and duties of the people, poverty alleviation, social issues and dissemination of schemes and programme related to development & welfare of general masses. In order to spawn understanding about these programmes, our team of volunteer organizes health camps, rallies, wall writing, group meetings, awareness generation camps and other activities of mass mobilization. At individual level we also organize counselling services for the restoration of self-esteem, personal dignity and confidence of person with disability, AIDS patients and unemployed youth.

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Hopegrow India joins hands with Daridranaryan to provide relief during Covid-19

Encouraged for sports in Sports Club. In 2021, 4 sports have been organized by Daridranarayan.

Hopegrow partners with Daridranarayan to promote livelihood.


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